L'expérience professionnelle
  • Customer advisor - Conseiller pôle serviceDarty (Groupe Fnac-Darty)
    Juillet 2019- Août 2019

    Two-months seasonal job,
    Logistics, operational supply management, collection, face-to-face after-sales service..

  • Business Development in India - Développement commercial en IndeExcelencia ITech Consulting
    Mai 2019-Juillet 2019

    Excelencia is an IT Consulting firm with its headquarters in Austin, Texas and offshore office in Chennai, India. Excelencia has been in the IT space for 11 years now. They provide end-to-end, enterprise-class IT solutions, including cloud and hosting solutions, managed services, enterprise application management and other professional services.

    2-months full-time internship as business developer.
    – In charge of the UK and French market.
    – 45 hours per week on night shift from 3pm to 00pm.

    I have covered these functions:
    a. Lead generation
    b. Email campaigns
    c. Cold calling
    d. Marketing initiatives in LinkedIn and other platforms
    e. Set up face-to-face meetings for management for technical pitch
    f. Competition analysis

    I developed the following skills/knowledge:
    a. Service offerings of the Company
    b. Make a sales pitch to a prospect on phone
    c. Develop content for case studies, blogs, etc.
    d. Develop content for introductory emails to prospects.

    Here are the tools that were provided to me :
    a. Discover.org
    b. Salesforce.com
    c. Jira for project scheduling or any other tool assigned

  • Co-fondateurY&V event
    Mars 2019

    Initiative étudiante : Conférence « Oser entreprendre »
    J’ai co-organisé, coordonnée et co-animé une conférence sur un thème qui me passionne, l’entrepreneuriat. Cette conférence de 3h réunissant 70 spectateurs, était une initiative étudiante qui avait pour objectif de sensibiliser les étudiants de l’Université de Lyon 3 à l’entrepreneuriat. En espérant que ça en aura motivé certain.

  • Personal development year in AUSTRALIA - Année de développement personnel en AustralieEmploy me, Breizoz french creperie, Nviroscope, Australian Garlic Producers
    Septembre 2017 - Mars 2018

    SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, MILDURA : September 2017 – March 2018 (7 months)
    Autonomy, adaptation, open-mindedness, deepening of the English language, capacity for initiative, organization, self-improvement…

    Civil Engineering: General labourer at NVIROSCOPE Pty Ltd., Sydney
    (February 2018-March 2018)

    Civil Engineering: General labourer at EMPLOY ME Pty Ltd., Sydney
    (December 2017-February 2018)

    Agriculture: Conditioning Agent at AUSTRALIAN GARLIC
    PRODUCERS Pty Ltd., Mildura (November 2017)

    Catering: Cook, crepe maker, waiter at BREIZOZ FRENCH CREPERIE,
    Melbourne (September 2017-October 2017)

  • Junior Head of Product - Assistant chef de produit PRINCE DE BRETAGNE - CERAFEL
    Avril 2017 - Août 2017

    Full-time internship, five months

    Prince de Bretagne is the European leader on the fresh fruits and vegetables market.
    My internship was focused on three main missions :

    The first one, took me fifty percent of my time, and consisted to the creation of communication medias to promote our products (POS advertising, packaging etc.). I brainstormed, did the briefs, discussed with suppliers, checked and signed the ready to print.

    The second one took me twenty-five percent of my time and consisted to some marketing studies and a benchmarking study.

    The last one, which took me twenty-five percent of my time, was focused on the launching process of a new marketing concept.

    In addition to these missions, I had to support the various missions of the Head of product.

  • Sales advisor, Conseiller- ventePRINTEMPS (GRAND MAGASIN)
    MAI 2016

    Work placement with an academic objective. The aim was to implement lessons learned in progress.
    1 month.

  • Master IAE de LYON, Université de Lyon 3

    Master 1 en Marketing, Vente avec une spécialisation Vente en Business to Business en Master 2.
    Modules enseignés :
    Développement du Personnel Branding
    Conception et lancement d’une offre B to B
    Environnement marché et veille internationale
    Marketing et Vente en B to B
    Business Marketing Management
    Vente et négociation de solutions d’affaires
    Certification et démarche qualité
    Fidélisation et gestion des grands comptes
    Analyse des clusters et pôles de compétitivité
    Méthode quantitative et qualitative
    Management stratégique
    Stratégie Digital
    Gestion de Projet
    Comportement du consommateur et de l’acheteur
    Technique de vente
    International Marketing

  • Certification in International ManagementIAE de LYON, Université de Lyon 3

    International Management schedule
    International Marketing schedule

  • Licence 3IAE de LYON, Université de Lyon 3

    Licence en Sciences de gestion tournée vers l’international. (Stage international obligatoire réalisé en Inde à Chennai en tant que Business developer dans une société de consulting en solution informatique)
    Modules enseignés :
    – Supply chain management
    – Business strategy
    – Human resources management
    – Finance management
    – Marketing strategy
    – Accounting, Fiscality and Law
    – International business
    – Information technologies

  • DUTIUT de Saint-Brieuc

    DUT en Techniques de commercialisation : 3ème semestre réalisé à Montréal au Canada (Août 2016 à Décembre 2016)
    Modules :
    Gestion, management, marketing et communication, commerce international

  • Excel
  • Lead generation
  • Anglais
  • Etude de marché, veille, benchmark